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#4 the magical dress

i am not usually a morning person, but when i opened the eyes and remembered i was at my grandparents's home, i woke up like a spitfire and jumped into my tartan dress!— good morning grandfather, good morning grandmother, i yelled (this way they can hear me even if they are chatting together!), it smells tea, fresh brioches and marmalade!

HOHO, grandfather said, you took your magical dress!
that's why i slept like a log last night!

i'm so glad my dress still works despite mommy washed it! it's my ghosthunter dress!
it looks unbelievable, but each time i have my dress, even if i just carry it in my suitcase, all the ghosts of the house leave. Pffff, they are so scared they move somewhere else!

— come on grandfather, let's check in the attic.

wait a minute, young lady, granny louise says, you must wear your hap, it's cold upstairs. and be careful it's dusty.

that's funny because my grandmother always say this about the attic, but she never cleans the dust. maybe ghosts like dust, after all…

me and grandfather, we searched everywhere, actually no ghost at all! even not a tiny one. even the fierce dinosaure keeps quiet in his cage when he sees me! my dress is really so magical! 

— show me your hands, grandfather said, ok, that's fine! some chocolate for my ghosthunter? and he pull of his pocket two bars of my favorite chocolate! 

hehe, do you know why i'm giggling? because i'm thinking of the twins and i'm sure they'd be jealous of me!

— shhhhh, listen to that song outside, grandpa said. i wonder who it is…

(to be continued)

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