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#5 the proper equipment

who can be singing so close of the house? i don't like that. maybe a thief? but usually thieves are very discreet. or maybe a smart thief looking cool and irreproachable? the most dangerous kind… or an ogre? 

everybody knows ogres love to eat chubby children.  i think i'm skinny, but just in case i'd be chubby, i'd rather wear my cherry dress!

advantage #1: ogres don't eat fruits!
advantage #2: a good spy must be invisible! and since the best place to spy is the cherry tree, the best way to be invisible in a cherry tree is 
to look like a cherry! i'm sure nobody can see me now!

what is that? i can't see very well, but what do you think? an ogre? a robber?

(to be continued)

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