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#6 merovee

i never know what to do since we changed of house. mom and dad say it's the most perfect house ever, but everything goes wrong here. 
all my stuffs are stuck in boxes, the playroom smells paint and i have the yellow bedroom because they say the pink one will be a nursery for the new baby. i wonder which new baby they were talking of…

so i talk to the gravel near the porch. each stone has its name and its very own place. i take care of them but they don't take care of me. and that's very sad!

and the garden is scary! a monster or something moans and groans around and i'm afraid for my life.

mom and dad say the monster is short and stout and i should try to make friend with him. i'm sure they try to get rid of me and keep the yellow room for the new baby, who knows…

the best thing to do is to climb the old tree and wait… wait…

but suddenly, i saw a girl over the hedge. oh my goodness, such a beautiful girl! almost an angel with her pure voice! she was singing with her whole heart and dancing with her country clogs, and had no clue about the monster.

i couldn't let her in danger and yelled "hey you, be careful, i heard a monster in your garden this morning…"

(to be continued)

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