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#7 short and stout

oh my goodness! i saw the ogre living on the other side of the hedge and my heart stopped. i really had to be sure.
— grandfather grandfather, come silently and tell me if it's a dangerous ogre, i yelled.
and do you know what my grandfather said? the handsome boy is not an ogre but a prince charming waiting for his short and stout princess!
it changes everything!!! because you know what? I AM SHORT AND STOUT!
do you want a proof?

hehe! i'm in an excellent mood. and when i'm in an excellent mood, i love to sing the teapot song and beat the ground with the old clogs.
i make 'clang clang clong boomboom' and it makes me the happiest girl of the universe.

i use to run and say "catch me if you want some tea" and my grandfather who runs fast catches me and says "yumyum a big cup of tea" and it makes me giggles. 

— who wants a large cup of tea, i yelled the most loud i could, and i sang again the teapot song.

oh my god, oh my god, look at who is arriving… 

(to be continued)

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