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#8 long is the road

have you ever been in love? my grandmother says i'm in love because i want to spend the rest of my live with my prince charming. and i think of him all the time. 
and this morning, i almost forget to eat my breakfast.

she told me it happened the same thing when she met my grandfather. 

by the way, my charming prince has a king name. merovee was a very famous one!
oh gosh, i would like so much to be a queen. i'd be pretty good i guess.
of course we have to train so we decide to travel because a queen and a king have to visit other kings and queens. happily i have a bike, we go faster!

on monday, we biked to the north pole! it's very cold there, and i wore a hat and a coat. we had to visit santa claus because merovee would like to get his own bike for christmas.

on tuesday, we made a trip to england. the grass was very green but we didn't meet the queen, she was on vacation!

the day after, we arrived in Tasmania and visited my aunt Jenny who is the first lady of the land. she baked cupcakes, apple pies and we also ate pancakes with marmalade. and of course, she read us stories.

i don't remember the country we visited on thursday, but there was a dark forest filled with wolves, tigers and bears.  well, i'm a good biker and we escaped all the dangers but merovee couldn't seat in the trailer because snakes tried to bite his feet. the king looked fierce and we didn't stop because he looked at the candies we brought from tasmania!

then we arrived in eire. they have no queen and no king but very funny drinks. some bubble and twinkle the nose. and after you feel very hot and all you can do is  searching four-leaves clovers. whatever, it was good to rest after such a long trip around the world and we had a happy friday!

and saturday? hehe, guess what we'll do on saturday…

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