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#9 the best day of my life


don't travel too far, my granny says, yoko and her parents are visiting us today!
my friend yoko is the most lucky girl ever. her mom is a doll maker and she has all the dolls she wants! and her dad makes her all the wooden toys she needs. and she has no twins around! oh my, i would like so much to have her parents. mine are writers and i must keep quiet when they work. well, mom is a writer and dad draws the images of the books. 

yoko is a traveller and we could compare our experiences but she also is very curious to know everything about merovee.
then merovee arrived and she told me in my ear i was a very lucky gal!

 — i have an idea, she says, it's a perfect day to get married! i can be the celebrant!

et voilà, we are just married! yoko asked the questions and we both answered yes! finally, it's not complicated at all.

then we played hide and seek and it was time to leave for honeymoon.

— grandmother, grandfather, we are just married and we are leaving on honeymoon, i yelled the most loud i could.

— perfect timing, grandfather says, because tomorrow, three monkeys will visit us, you see who i mean…

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