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(Reine. 2012)


at this point of my journey into doll creating, i'm visiting the past. oh, it's usually not at all my style, i'm known to be a "don't look back person"… 
but it happens i'm moving soon and have to pack many of the wooly people living here. when i say many, i mean more than hundred for sure. they don't all belong to me, most of them are my children's, and many were made before i was a professional doll creator. 

whatever, most of them have been loved, and still are, even if most of my kids are not so young now…

(some of the babies living here. 2009-2011)

of course, packing dolls takes the eternity. first, you have to explain them what is happening. then you check all their outfits, wash them, iron them, sew some most actual dresses, and chat with each of them. how could i since they don't all have ears and some even don't show any mouth? ha! at least they all have a soul and it's easy to understand each other. ears are not the essential in life, right?

precisely, i've been struck by their "soul", resulting from the innocence of the pattern, its precision and the alea.
(Viggo & Liv. 2013)

that's where the idea of "creation" comes, very different to me of the concept of "making". making is based upon technique and savoir-faire. creating comes from a necessity. no contingency here. technique, savoir-faire, tradition, care, etc. are tools and I use them to express my feelings and emotions, letting talk id and enjoying accidents, fears of the maker. 

that's how my wooly little ones come to life. the life I infuse them, the life you give them by loving them… who ever you are, silent visitor, active supporter, dolls collector, friend, i just thank you for being there!

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