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Ermentrude and Fabiola are best friends forever… they fight everyday, make up everyday. Just like best friends do.

— Good morning, madame Trude. 

— Good morning, madame Fabs. 

Today, they pretend they are ladies walking their babies.
— Oh goodness, your baby Biltrude is such a big girl now!
— Ha! she can say "mama" and almost can sit, Ermentrude says proudly.

— My Ramona is a very smart baby: she climbs wooden piles and can almost read!, Fabs answers.

— LIAR! you helped her climbing the pile! 
Look at my sister, she also can stay on a log!

— whatever, if your parents see Biltrude on a log they'll be very mad at you!
— and if YOUR parents see Ramona on the wooden pile you'll be in big troubles!

Before they could properly fight, arrived Thea. "Hi girls, may I play with you, pleaaaase? i'm so bored at home".

- Impossible, Fabs says. You don't have a baby.— It's our rule, Ermentrude adds. You can't play with us without a baby.
— Oh, please, we could pretend i'm the daycare director…
— Sorry but rules are rules! Find a baby to enter our team.

Poor Thea. She has no sister, no brother, no cousins, her parents are too old and her neighbors are… Ermentrude and Fabiola!

Happily, Thea is a smart girl! And ten minutes later, she comes back holding the cutest baby ever!

— Oh my God, he's so cute! Where have you found such a sweet baby? 

— At the catholic church! he was so tiny and so cold, lying naked in the dark with no blanket in an antic cradle, surrounded by plaster parents…

Thea! Don't tell us you stole baby Jesus?

Poor Thea cries! "I'd never stole him! He called me by my name and what else could I do? He chose me as a big sister and wonderful friend: "Thea, Thea, be my sister and love me as you would like to be loved!" he murmured. I couldn't let him naked in the dark in an old cradle surrounded by plaster parents."

— True!
Spit on the floor and swear you'll take care of him and love him forever. You can enter the team.
But, are you telling us your baby already speaks?

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  1. Trop contente de voir une nouvelle histoire et tes nouvelles poupées.