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Gingham gang and clan Campbell

(this post contains only horrible photos and could hurt sensitive minds…)

— oh my goodness, Olwenn, do you see what i see?
— hahaha look at that fierce big chief Cailean Mór 
Campbell! eeeps Oonagh, i have an idea… gimme a pen…

obviously, baby Cailean finally wakes up and join his sisters for cookies o'clock.

— WHAT'S THE HELL, yell the sisters, what's this ridiculous mustache? Come here!
a mustache? Cailean can't believe it! gimme a mirror, i must look at it, he says. wow, it grew during nap, that's amazing. i'm so proud of me!

ha! look at this happy chief frolicking in the meadow…

— Campbell meeting immediately, Fionnaghal shouts.
— let me talk, Oighris says, you have a lisp 'cause your lost baby tooth!
"we know obviously who are the muggers. Gingham gang again! we must stop them RIGHT NOW! they dishonored our name, we'll erase theirs! War is declared and the battle come down!"

— OIE OIE YEAH YEAH POGOOOO!!! (yes, this is probably an ancient celtic language.)



during this time at Gingham's mansion, four laughing gnomes were celebrating the good tricks with a deserved glass of apple juice… but a horde of furious Campbells invaded the place, spotted the youngest, packed her and left on their white horse!

consternation! they kidnapped our Lizenn! 

— sisters, we are living a dramatic moment! our baby Lizenn has been rapt by a wild horde and who knows what will happen! don't give up sist…

— oh geez, Ogar shut up! we'll just smash their face and take Lizenn back. ready guys?

Outside, the battle is at its height we have blood on the grass, limbs here and there, etc. the phone rings.

[voice off]— yes, ms Gingham, it's ms Campbell. i'm soooo sorry to phone you now, but i'm still stuck at the hairdresser's and…
— oh dearest, stop worrying, relax and take your time. they are playing quietly in the garden…
— …
— a-do-ra-ble! oh you know what? i have an idea. we have a BBQ with the Wales tonight, it's be so great to have you too…
— …
— seven o'clock, perfect. 
[phonic waves]

— i have Lizenn, she's safe guys!
— WTF, have you seen her smile? she crooks like a Campbell. Stockholm syndrome! REVENGE! REVENGE! 

— hoho, look at this: Ar-thur-Wa-les! hoho, delicious pinkalicious! wanna fight with us?
— how did you call me mini-punkie?

Some of our heroes are available for adoption comment style here right here.
i'll pick names on sunday afternoon (April 24th, 8:00 pm Paris zone
if you are interested, let me the name of your favorite(s) and your paypal address. THE COMMENTS ARE HIDDEN to keep your pp address private.

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no "angel", comment only if you are interested for yourself.
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don't hesitate to ask questions if necessary, but don't forget we don't have the same time zone…

Lizenn is a 15"+/16"- waldorf inspired little girl. her hair is alpaca. she wears cotton outfit: a corduroy dress and an embroidered gingham over dress
she is 1000€ + shipping fees

 Cailean Mór: is a 15" waldorf inspired boy wearing a boyish kilt and handknit outfit. his hair is weft goat… he is so proud to be the first Earl Campbell of the clan. his knows his responsibilities and he's prepared for this charge…
he is 1100€ + shipping fees

Oonagh is a 16"+ waldorf inspired big sister. her hair is weft goat and she has a sculpted face. she wears a corduroy dress, an embroidered gingham overdress and leather shoes
she is 1300€ + shipping fees

Oighris is a 16"+ waldorf inspired red hair rascal. she's the Campbell older sister, and as you can see, she's wise and prudent. her hair is weft goat. she wears a cotton tunic, argyll tartan knickers, handknit socks and leather shoes she is 950€ + shipping fees

those dolls are not suitable for young or naughty persons!


helgi, helga & filippa by the river

yes we live here. well, most of the time, because we also have to stay in the big city sometimes…
can you see the path on the right? you walk about fifty steps, and you'll find our garden.

this one is Filippa. no no, she's not a kid of mine, she's the twins' best friend! look at her happy face!
obviously, this place is heaven for children…

you can't find a better kid than Filippa (except mine, of course!), and she's the queen of fly fishing.

every morning, helga comes here to say hi to her old friend the carp. they use to play hide and seek. oh this poor fish looks so sad when we are downtown, told me a fisher friend. that's pity! 

hi sweetie, how was Carpet the carp today?

oh please forgot this image, this is their secret spot: the best for fly fishing. trouts and salmons, steelheads sometimes.

i'm so sorry, but Helgi is very busy today and we won't see his cute face… too bad… or maybe in my shop?

if one of you is interested in one of them, have a look in my store…



everybody knows Adam & Eva. 
but how many people have ever seen them?

today, you'll be one of those able to say "yes! i saw pictures of them!" of course, this is very exciting.
but this is first very instructive!

let's read those incredible images! (i concede, some are not very well preserved, but don't forget you've got here a miracle!)

first, what's about the famous garden of eden? alas, those images won't tell us a lot because those two looked more like inside persons…

we imagine they lived in a cave. they had to protect from the rain, the sun, sometimes snow and maybe wild animals…

look at this tiny comfy room!
we can see here Eva has a mace, and Adam a big bone… what was the mace for? defend themselves against intruders? hunt for food? for sport?
and this bone? was it a charm? a toy? a weapon?
and this cute snake? he looks to be a very good friend…
and the apple? is it true Eva used to say an apple a day keep the doctor a way?

so many questions with no answers.

this very interesting pic teaches us two things:

first, the first human beings needed to sleep; 

second, they had fur blankets. 
we can legitimately deduce that polar bears existed BEFORE human beings. 
and it makes us think they were probably born in the Svalbard archipelago…

because yes: they invented shelves, 750000 years BEFORE Ikea! (we have here an answer about the apple, and must note shelves came before stools.)
a team is trying to know what were those shelves for, but here we had this interesting evidence:
Adam and Eva have been playful kids!

i know, i've been speechless too…

but on this one, nobody could deny it: adam is playing peek-a-boo!

we arrive to the fatidical question:

did Adam and Eva had a belly button?
hard to say, with their pants made of curly wolf yarn!

if you want to answer this last but not least question, stay tuned: adam and eva will be available next week in my shop…


the truth is out there…

(a tribute to Chris Carter's serie The X-Files)

It was the middle of the night, and little Fox woke up completely terrified.
Mommy run into his room and took him in her arms. 

— Stop crying sweet heart, it's all over, it's was a nasty nightmare. Nobody took Samantha…

— I'm pretty sure she's under your bed, you know she loves playing hide and seek…
Alas, no Samantha under the bed!
— Have you checked under the blanket, mom asked, maybe she was cold…

Thank Geez, Samantha was sleeping like a log at the bottom of the bed. Mom is so relieved. She hugs her little boy and walks to her room…
But Fox is not happy…

— Mommy, look at her, this is NOT my Samantha. Not at all! Samantha has been CLONED!
— Fox, please, nobody stole Samantha and nobody clones dolls in the middle of the night, mom said…

— Mommy, aliens do. They came and stole Samantha and went with her. Aliens can do anything.

And there was a bright light, and they went just like this, and i couldn't move. And they were talking like that :" … … … / …………………?" but I could understand everything, because they were talking through my head…

They were grey, mom. Aliens are all grey…

— My poor poor Samantha! I'm sure they are practicing tests on her now and she's suffering so much. 
And Little Fox cries, cries, cries again… 

It's always the same old story, nobody never believes you when you talks about aliens… Even if you saw them for real in your room… 

— I know I'm right, little Fox said, and I know the truth is out there…

Fox, Siri and Sirrí are available comment style HERE and now.
so if you are interested, let a comment with your paypal address and the name of your favorite. you can let a comment for the three dolls, but if your name is picked for each, you must buy them.
i'll pick a name around 12pm EDT.
- Whole payment is due immediately.
- no angels.
- don't enter if you are not personally interested.
- I probably forget things, but the rules are the usual ones :)

good luck and thanks for being here!

all three are 17" dolls made with cotton jersey and filled with carded wool. all have embroidered faces. outfit are organic cotton and 100% wool.

Fox has a crocheted fluffy mohair hair. he comes with pajamas, a t-shirt, overalls, undies. and of course with his doll samantha!

Siri is an alien boy. his hair is suri alpaca locks sewn and crocheted. he comes with a t-shirt, handknit shorts and alien hat. and undies because aliens also wear undies, just in case you were wondering…

Sirrí is the alien girl. her hair is a bit longer than siri's and she likes to make tiny pigtails… she also comes with handknit shorts and bonnet, but the design is different. no cables but moss and garter stitch…

each doll is 895€ shipped with tracking number and insurance.

none of them are suitable for young or naughty persons…

don't worry if you can't see your comments: they are hidden to protect your privacy and paypal address!


The wild child

Once upon a times lived a very normal family.
Papa bear cooked, Mama bear played dolls. Daughter bear was looking at her shadow and Baby bear took naps.

It was a perfect and quiet life, everybody was happy and loving… 

On a glorious monday morning, famous Professor Petersen took a walk around and guess what he saw: Daughter bear taking a walk too!

— oh my god oh my god, Professor Petersen said, this bear looks so human! i must study this in emergency!
and he captured Daughter bear!

I suppose you remember Pr Petersen lived with his sister Miss Petersen who was also his assistant, his cook, the seamstress, the housekeeper, the gardener, the knitter.

— Geez, miss Petersen said, what a lovely little girl! what's her name?

— Don't be stupid, she's an ursula humana but you can call her Ursule, her brother answered! From latin Ursus, from old norse Yrsa! it's a wild child!

And Pr Petersen put poor Ursule under the microscope. He took notes, doodled sketches and talked to himself during hours… 

The real priority is a dress, miss Petersen said! stop moving when I measure you!

Alas alas, a Prince Charming was visiting the City, and miss Peterson fell in deep love with him. and alas, he also fell in love with her…

— NO NO NO, Prince Charming said, you can't bring home a wild child carrying a salmon under her arm!

Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point*, and miss Petersen left the town with her Prince, letting poor Ursule alone in the big city…

I know, this is a very sad story. But i'm sure Ursule will find a loving family and there will have a happy end…
She'll be available on wednesday (april 22rd) auction style in my shop. More in a while…

*the heart wants what it wants


snaerós, snaerós, is it already spring?

shhhh! there is an elf living in my garden… please don't make noise, just look through the window, yes here…

what is she doing?
maybe she tries to climb with squirrels?

or maybe she plays hide and seek with a owl?

oh no! no no no!!! why did you sneeze so loud? where is she now?
Snaerós, my little snowdrop, i'll miss you so much…

snaerós is in my shop…



many freaked control people talk about the supposed terrible two, but i remember very well what it looked like when i was a toddler…

look at this young person. how serious! and in less than three minutes, her parents will yell "noooo Luce! not on the carpet!" 
but who bought those permanent pens? who let them on the coffee table? who pretends she is too young to have her own table?

poor Luce… she'll never be an artist… or who knows? maybe she draw lots or priceless things on carpets, later…
but maybe her future is in climbing? she saw mom standing on a stool yesterday and it looked very funny. ouch, this is high…

YAY!!! look at me mom! i'm on the top of the world!
— LUUUUUCE! silly goose, come down! you'll fall and hurt!

Luce is a nice girl, she goes down… but parents are too stupid to understand the only way not to fall down is to be already lying on the ground… of course one asks:
— Luce please, what are you doing on the floor?

finally, it's time to go out!
coat? checked! shoes? checked! hood? on the head! 

so what's wrong? ha, hands in pocket! 

"don't put your hands in pockets, you'll damage your coat" "gimme your hand, it's dangerous"

— no i won't no i won't no i won't! 
and sweet Luce keeps her hands in her pockets. and removes her hood. and walks alone. just because!

Luce is made from a new pattern. her limbs are plump and she is more chubby than my traditional dolls. she is a toddler…